Welcome to livethetravellife.com.  Since you stopped by, you must be wondering what started all of this?  Well, Curtis and I (Melody), are both semi-retired, and we love to travel.  By semi- retired, I mean, we are both still working, but we work for ourselves.  We are our own bosses, and life is good!

Curtis is retired from the military, an avid photographer, surfer, and house flipper.  I also served in the military as well, and after my tenure in the military, I chose a career in Real Estate, which has been very good to us over the past decade.  There once was a time during the tenure of my career where I would eat, sleep, and breath nothing but Real Estate.  However, all that has changed, and after making some wise decisions that are working in our favor as we speak.  Today, I am lucky enough to report that I can work with only select clients, no longer have to hustle, and we’ll flip a house here and there when the right deal comes up…  All in all, we are now fortunate to be able to work, play, and travel the world, when we want, on our terms….

Creating this life wasn’t easy though…  Over the span of Curtis’s military career, and my crazy selling days, we had to save and carefully plan for this…  Which trust me, the plan changed a million times before we got to this point!  Upon his retirement from the military, we moved forward with our final plan, purchased a small lake home in Conroe, Texas for our home base, and our 5th well camper.  We are now currently splitting time between the two. Although it sounds like sunshine and rainbows,  this really was a huge change, as we had spent nearly the past 20 years between Hawaii, California, and Guam.  We really loved our beach life, but the move was was worth it.  Family is close, and the cost of living is a fraction of what we were used to.  In turn, this is why we are both semi-retired at the ripe old ages of 37 and 45. Choosing a simpler life resulted in a greater life.  We can travel anywhere we feel like, at any given time, without the pressure of a high cost of living that we had for many years.

We hope that you’ll follow our journey as we travel across America, go overseas here and there, and we’ll even take you to the coolest places right here in our own home town.  It’s our goal to make you feel like you’re on vacation with us, and to show the world, that you don’t have to wait until your 70 years old to do all the things you’ve always want to do.  You can do it as a young adult, you just have to want it!

When we’re not traveling, we’ll be sharing what’s going on, on the home-front as well.  We’ll show you what it’s like to really live the GOOD life, and have the best of both worlds!  Lot’s of great stuff ahead on the blog!

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