The Travel Life… It’s a TRUE life by design!

Here we are, Oct 20th, and we’re starting to prep to head home, after a month on the West Coast.  We’re putting things away in the RV,  have lists running through our heads, iPhone’s, and on paper…  Reality is setting in, that soon, it’s back to work.  Only for a little while though, because we have another trip planned, that’s right around the corner! 🙂

Living the Travel Life is certainly something we designed for ourselves, made it our choice, and it’s a life that so many people have no idea how to even process.  Each and every single day, so many people let time, other people, other events, and pretty much anything and everything, suck the life out of them.  I get that sometimes things are out of control, but if you set boundaries and stick to a plan (REALLY stick to it), a life by design will happen right before your very eyes…

Living The Travel Life!

Pretty much everyone we know and work with, always asks, “how can you leave home for months at a time, and get any work done?”.  Well, it’s just this simple…  MAKE A PLAN, WRITE IT DOWN, AND STICK TO IT!

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting more about our travel life, how we have gotten to where we are at our age, and will be sharing a TON about our month long trip through Arizona, Nevada, and California.

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There are so many exciting things we are going to share with you all!  Thanks for following OUR journey!! 🙂

Thanks for following! 🙂  Good times ahead!

Why I Travel

There are so many reasons in life, that we all do what we do…  We all go to work, because well, we have to make money to live.  We all have mortgages or rent to pay, bills, and a million other things on our plate that requires the all mighty dollar, to get us what and where we think we need to be in life.  I guess you could say I look at things a little differently…

I certainly go to work, and have obligations that require money to live, just like everyone else, but I travel to feel alive.  There is something about the 9 to 5 grind, that makes me feel dead.  Seriously, really, really dead…  Colleagues, deadlines, and work projects can suck the life out of me, as I am sure many of you could very easily agree.  Anytime I am packing my bags, and headed to the airport, or packing our RV to travel to an unknown (or well known) part of the world, I just feel alive.  My endorphins are higher than the sky, and my face is glowing like a kid on Christmas day.


Living the travel life! Pure Happiness!


I think it is safe to say, that most of us feel this way when we go on a trip.  For me, traveling truly makes me feel alive, and better than new.  I love experiencing new cultures, seeing new places, and exposing myself to new things.  Luckily for me, I have been able to incorporate traveling as a regular part of my life.  I feel lucky, I feel blessed, and furthermore, I feel more ALIVE than I ever have, because I TRAVEL!